Book design & Illustration


“Geoff Read worked with various of my authors as designer and illustrator. What added value he gives! He is one of those very special professionals who really does work hard to get inside the mind and wishes of his clients/collaborators and adds a new dimension to their thinking in the process. Diligent, thoughtful and often challenging (in the nicest possible way) he really is the designer I hoped would work on my most thought- provoking titles.”

Chris Kington, Proprietor, Chris Kington Publishing, Cambridge

I can provide design and illustration for projects large and small, from leaflets to complex book projects. My first book project was Thinking Through School by Anne de A’Echevarria, which won a national award sponsored by The Times Educational Supplement, the Education Resources Association (ERA) Book of the Year Award:

From the book’s author:

“Geoff worked with me on the award winning ‘Thinking Through School’ materials.  He didn’t just ‘illustrate’ the work.  He has the skill and dedication to really get inside a brief and think deeply about the concepts involved – not something you get from most illustrators. His cartoons made very difficult ideas to do with thinking and learning accessible to young children and his illustrations brought the narrative alive. Geoff’s contribution made the work inclusive to all.”

Anne de A’Echevarria, author

Another example is my design and images for the book “Rants, Rhymes and Reflections” commemorating the life of satirical engraver and poet Tim Bobbin (1708-1786) and the people now inhabiting Milnrow, the pennine village where he lived: