Fatherhood: Dads in the Picture


There are very few images of fatherhood in the history of visual art, yet fathers and their extended families are fifty percent of the potential love and support available to children, and fathers loom large in our lives, one way or another. Fathers have always been important, but changing work and parenting patterns patterns mean that they are doing a lot more face to face care in addition to the financial care they traditionally provided. I hope to address this, exploring and celebrating what fathers can offer their children, and reinforcing good child-father relationships even after family separation. Most of the pictures are collaborative: the sitters decide the idea and are encouraged to draw and write on the image – I do the portrait into this according to their instructions.

If you would like me to work in partnership with your project with fathers, or you would like to commission me to make a portrait of you and your children, please get in touch.