Face the Street homeless art project


I have been making collaborative portraits with people with an experience of homelessness since 1998, beginning locally in the UK and going on to draw with people in Tokyo and Mexico City. You can see a selection from each place below.

Each person chooses how they want the image to be Рthe colours, feel, composition, pose, facial expression and any words or images that go with their face. Where possible the sitter draws or writes on the image, though lack of confidence is often a barrier to this. If so I might record what they say on the picture. There are two main aims: firstly for the picture to help in thinking through  their situation, thoughts and emotions, choices and behaviour; and secondly to help them communicate and engage with the wider world, including their family, community and decision makers, which will hopefully in the end improve their situation. Please get in touch if you would like to publish or exhibit the images.

UK people experiencing homelessness

Japanese people experiencing homelessness. For main site click here.


Children in Mexico City experiencing homelessness